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Scott Krager

Scott Krager @scottkrager

"Qwaya Dang your software is awesome. Haven't used it for a year, and it's gotten even better than I remember"

Jay Deiboldt

Jay Deiboldt @jaydeiboldt

"If you run FB ads and you're not using Qwaya you're doing it wrong."

Carl Sednaoui

Carl Sednaoui @CarlSednaoui

"Running Facebook ads? You need to use Qwaya. Hands down best tool/customer support"

Ad scheduler

Schedule campaigns to run a certain
time of day and/or week.

Ad and campaign rules

Define performance based rules
to pause your campaigns.

Ad rotation

Auto rotation of ads lets you decide
what ad variation should run
before Facebook does.

URL builder

Lets you save your work and
makes it easy to reuse.

Google analytics tagging

Automated URL tagging for Google Analytics.

Multi user

Add coworkers to collaborate
and share assets.

Targeting and ad templates

Lets you save your work and
makes it easy to reuse.

Campaign organizer

Drag and drop campaigns into folders
for a structured overview.

Split testing

For creatives and audiences.
Automatically structured in campaigns.

Multi product ads

Sell more products with Facebook's
successful new ad format.

Excel export

Export data to be crunched outside Qwaya.
Choose between xlsx or csv.

Free training session

All our plans include a free training webinar.
No worries, we'll show you the ropes!

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