Efficient ad creation workflow

Audience A/B-testing

Find the most effective audiences for your ads by auto splitting targeting in granular segments and get a side by side comparison. You can split your audience in multiple segments based on any targeting criteria.

Not available in Power Editor

Ads A/B-testing

Find out which combination of text and image make up the best performing ad and save lots of time by generating all possible ad variations in one go. Qwaya gives you the ability to test all sorts of ad types and placements, including News Feed Ads for your website and Mobile App Install Ads.

Not available in Power Editor

Automatic creation
of campaign / ad set
folder structure

When publishing, ads and audiences are automatically combined and added into a campaign and ad set folder structure that lets you stay organized even when creating large scale campaigns.

Not available in Power Editor



Increase ROI by scheduling your campaigns to run on certain days of week or time of day.
Run your ads when your target customers are most likely to be online and buy.

Better than Power Editor


Set rules for your campaigns based on certain criterias being met.
For example: Pause the campaign if CPC exceeds $1.

Not available in Power Editor

Ad rotation

Make sure your audience always sees fresh ads by rotating through the ads in an ad set.
Otherwise Facebook's algorithm tends to pick one or two ads and only run those.

Not available in Power Editor


URL builder

Automatically add tracking URL's to your ads. Qwaya can either add tracking URL's based on the Google Analytics standard or you can create custom tracking URL's using campaign, ad set and ad variables. The URLs are automatically created and added every time you publish.

Not available in Power Editor



Save ads and target audiences in templates. This way you can reuse and edit them next time you want to create a campaign.

Not available in Power Editor


Place campaigns and templates in dedicated folders to get a structured overview. This saves a lot of time when you have a lot of campaigns and can separate them for different markets, product categories etc.

Not available in Power Editor


Let your team members work simultaneously and collaborate on campaign creation and campaign management. Access to Facebook users and Ad Accounts is shared by all users.

Not available in Power Editor

Facebook assets

Collect all your Facebook assets in Qwaya by connecting multiple Facebook user accounts. You can see all your Ad accounts, Pages, Apps and Events in one place.


Graphical reporting

Get a quick overview of your campaign performance and spot trends early to optimize return. Easily drill down from campaign to ad level graphs to identify winning and losing marketing messages and target audience combinations.

Better than Power Editor

Excel export

Export graphs and campaign data to Excel for custom reporting.

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