Preferred marketing developer

Many companies develop pages, advertising tools, applications and insights applications for Facebook. Some of these are part of the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program.

Facebook describes the PMD program as follows:

"The Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program is a community of best-in-class developers focused on making social marketing easier and more effective."

The program consists of four types of companies with different types of products and services. Once a company is accepted into the program Facebook issues a badge for the company representing the type of developer.

There are four types of badges:

1. Pages: There are currently 59 Page developers (as of April 2013)

2. Ads: There are currently 42 Ads developers (as of April 2013)

3. Insights: There are currently 29 Insight developers (as of April 2013)

4. Apps: There are currently 149 Apps developers (as of April 2013)

In order to be granted PMD status, companies need to comply with rigorous standards set forth by Facebook. These standards include implementing required functionality as well as being compliant with Facebook policy. If companies do not comply they will lose their PMD status.

Qwaya has been a Preferred Marketing Developer since the beginning of this program as an Ads developer.