Case studies

The Wine Case

Our experience tells us that the best performing ads on Facebook are those featuring a specific deal with a clear call to action, a carefully chosen image and a narrow targeting profile. Though it sounds obvious, creating campaigns that meet these demands can be quite hard. Narrow targeting in particular is made all the more difficult because many small audiences simply don't drive large enough volumes. Read more here.

A Great Xmas Campaign

In November last year this large Scandinavian hardware chain had around 2,000 fans on Facebook, which mainly consisted of employees in the stores. After Christmas the fan base had grown to around 11,000. We met up with man in charge of raising the numbers, Freddie Jansson, to find out what advertising techniques he used. Read more here.

Royal Design

We met up with the experienced Facebook marketer Ida Hällkvist to discuss her work with Sweden’s largest design and home decorating site Royal Design. But we got so much more. We left the interview with a lot of knowledge about how businesses succeed in social media. Read more here.