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Social Advertising – Friends Trust Friends

How many banner ads have you’ve seen today and how many of them did you click on?

Most sites we visit have ads of different kinds and chances are that you’ve seen quite a few of them only today. But I doubt that you can name three businesses that were advertised even though the ads were there right there in front of your eyes.

Think about it for a second. Do you remember any?

I would also guess that you didn’t click on any of the ads, well, why would you’ve done that when you don’t even remember them?

The modern web user has learned to disregard most of the traditional banner ads. We have developed what’s known as banner blindness, which helps us search for information online without getting distracted by irrelevant messages. And when companies make it impossible for us to miss the banner by making screen-sized pop-ups, we just get annoyed and look for a way to close them or click “back” never to return to the site again.

On the other hand, there’s a greater chance that you have engaged in social marketing on Facebook today – perhaps without even knowing it. If you’ve liked a friend’s comment about a brand, checked in at a restaurant, joined an event or used an app, you’ve actually acted both as the advertiser for a business as well as the ad recipient.

Through social marketing on Facebook, businesses have a chance to advertise in ways that encourage you as a user to become passionate about the brand and then spread this to your network of friends.

You could say that in social media advertising, the user plays the active role whereas in the past the advertiser was active.

There’s a major difference between these marketing models.

What People Do on Facebook

Before we begin to discuss which social-advertising opportunities Facebook has to offer, try to figure out the mindset of the average Facebook user.

Why is he or she on the site in the first place?

A few common reasons are:

  • Chatting with friends
  • Getting new friends
  • Joining events
  • Tagging and sharing images
  • Passively following people (watching them)
  • Joining groups of likeminded
  • Posting and watching videos

Pretty far down this list comes “following what businesses are up to and clicking on ads,” but still this is what a lot of people are doing on Facebook.

With or without knowing it, people’s actions have become perhaps the most valuable social advertising platform.

Turn Actions into Social Marketing

If you run a business and like to spread your message through social advertising, try to think of good ways for people to interact with you and what’s happening on your fan page.

What can you offer them in terms of great content, activities, competitions etc.? And perhaps most importantly, what are the reasons why people would want to identify with your brand?

When you have a plan for how you can activate people you can turn people’s activities into sponsored stories, which is a type of ad that is spread to a person’s friends when he does something on your page.

Someone checks in, all friends see it; someone plays a game, all friends see it; someone comments, all friends see it.

Friends Trust Friends

When you hear a recommendation from a friend you trust it more than when it comes from a business. Just like we are becoming blind to banners, we’re pretty good at disregarding companies’ selling points.

So you’re “world class,” provide “highest quality” and have the “lowest prices.”

Says who?

Compare these clichés to when five of your friends like a page, have joined an event or someone has posted a positive comment about a special offer. This is far more believable, and these type of ads carry a lot more trust and are closer to people’s intents of being on Facebook in the first place.

Remember, people are on Facebook to interact with people and if interaction can be converted into good ads you have started doing proper social marketing.

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