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Facebook Page Advertising – How to Get Fans and Keep Them

Most businesses have a social-media plan and everybody wants to get the most out of their presence on Facebook. Unfortunately, quite a few fan pages become empty holes. The company might posts updates every now and then but nobody listens and no one interacts.

No company wants to promote a Facebook page only containing a company monologue. A successful fan page has to revolve around discussion, commenting and activity.

Businesses that have made this work, what is it they’ve done right?

Naturally, a number of world-wide brands have a massive Facebook following. Adidas, Sony, Victoria’s Secret and Coca-Cola are great examples of big companies that have managed to leverage on their Facebook page marketing.

But you could say they all had a head start. People were interested in these companies even before Facebook was invented.

The question is how to start and how to run a Facebook page if you’re a small or mid-sized business.

How to Get a Facebook Fan Base

A smaller business can also benefit from being present on Facebook. In fact, often their output is comparatively higher than for the giants listed above.

Say, for instance, that you run a newly-opened Italian restaurant in a town somewhere in the US. The natural first step in your Facebook page advertising would be to reach out to the people in your area who’re interested in food, particularly Italian cuisine.

But how do you get people to like your Facebook page? How do you even make people know that it even exists?

A great technique to get an initial fan base is by using Facebook ads.

There’s a great variety of advertising options on Facebook: You can create ads that drive traffic to your fan page, put up ads that promote events you’re hosting, or make sponsored stories around activities on your fan page.

The advertising techniques are countless and if you’re new to Facebook page marketing we suggest that you test different methods to see which ones give the best result.

However, you shouldn’t limit your page promotion to Facebook only. If you have a Twitter account, email list or regularly send out newsletters, let people know about your fan page through these channels too. Just make sure that you give them a reason for going to your page and liking what you do.

How to Keep Your Fans Interested

Once you’ve established a fan base you can’t just sit back and believe the fan page will run itself – that people will communicate, post images, start discussions, post questions and say what a great business you’re running.

Like we said in the intro, a lot of times when there’s nobody in charge of the content, it becomes an empty hole that no one takes notice of. Not even the people who’ve “liked” the page in the first place.

Here are, however, some tips for how to promote Facebook pages and keep the fans interested:

Create an Attractive Fan Page

With the new time-line design, the first impression the visitor gets when coming to your site has become increasingly important. Choose your cover image wisely. It should represent your brand and raise interest but still not violate Facebook’s guidelines regarding profile picture.

Furthermore, below your cover image you’re able to add boxes that show what you offer on you Facebook fan page. There you can highlight your images, maps, contact information, videos, apps, news feed, upcoming events etc.

Use these features and update when there’s something new you’d like to promote.

Build Relationships with Fans

Remember what Facebook is and people’s real incentives for using the network are. People log on to connect with their friends, join networks of likeminded, share thoughts and listen to what others have to say.

In consequence, you have to be active on your fan page. Ask questions, post interesting stories, put up images and tag people in them, join discussions on other fan pages and so on. Never leave a question on your fan page unanswered – even if (or especially when) they’re not positive about your brand.

In a thread of comments, always try to have the last word.

Once you have a personal relationship with your fans, chances are that they will spread the word about you, which is the most effective way of Facebook page promotion.

Run Contests

If you can give fans some kind of incentive to actually be active on you page, chances are that you will boost the activity. An idea could be to run a contest where people win something when, for instance, tagging a photo, writing about an experience of your brand or answering a question.

Once this is rolling, you’re also able to turn these activities into sponsored stories, which then become visible to friends of fans. When done successfully, you’ll be able to grow your fan base even more and have new people to get a relationship with.

Bring Facebook to Your Website

You can embed a lot of Facebook’s functionalities on your website, which allow your regular visitors to like what you do and comment on your site so that it also appears on Facebook.

When you embed Facebook’s “Fan Box Widget” on your website, the fan page and your web page will be linked together. What happens in one place adds quality to the other and you’ll get full exposure of content you publish.

Reach Out to Friends of Fans

One of the most effective ways to get your fan base to continue growing once you’ve established a fan base is to reach out to the friends of people who like your page. In doing so, you can get more fans in a natural way and boost the activity on your page.

A recommendation from a friend is far more credible compared to when it comes from the business itself.

This can be done in various ways with Facebook Marketplace ads but the most interactive alternative is probably sponsored stories, which highlight what a friend does on your fan page. When someone checks-in, comments, likes something or uses an app, this information will reach this person’s friends.

Again, it becomes something in between an ad and a recommendation.

For more information around this, read about social advertising.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Page Marketing

Getting fans is one thing – and when doing that, the features available in Qwaya will make the advertising process a lot more convenient – but as soon as you have a fan base the work has just begun.

To become really successful in running a business fan page, you have to work with your audience. While you’re working, basically entertaining the crowd, you’ll get more chances to attract new fans through advertising what you do.

The snowball effect is soon in full motion and you’ll have a great forum for whatever company you’re running.

Take advantage this opportunity. Every business should.

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