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Facebook Marketing Strategy and Tips

If you’re new to Facebook marketing or your current Facebook marketing strategy doesn’t work, read our top-five tips on how to create a successful campaign.

We’ll go through the basics of:

  1. Segmentation
  2. Ads Optimization
  3. Scheduling Your Campaigns
  4. Managing Your Budget Wisely
  5. Tracking Your Results

1. Segmentation – How to Target Your Audience

This rule works in all forms of advertising: Try to reach people who are interested in your product.

Then tell your story.

Thanks to the segmentation opportunities in Facebook marketing, you have the opportunity to reach exactly the part of the population you wish, which makes advertising much more effective.

Who would you target if you sold baseball trips to the New York area?

Narrow It Down to Find Your Fans

Say that you run a website that sells baseball packages and want to promote an offer with match tickets, hotel, tour of the city and so on.

You’ve created an ad and want the right people to find out about your offer – potential buyers.

Instead of promoting the ad to random Facebook users, which there are around 850 million of, you should go for the ones who are interested in baseball.

How to Segment Your Targeting

The most important of all our Facebook marketing tips is to segment your targeting. The more specified your targeting is, the more detailed and accurate information you’ll receive.

With some quick modifications we got the audience down considerably – from over 8 million to 248 thousand – but for niche products you should probably be even more specific.

But the key is to make “relevant” people see and click through on your ad. In our example you must like the Yankees, be between 35 and 45 years and live in the U.S to see the ad.

This could be our best target audience but we’ll only know that for sure once we have tested it against other demographics, which is something you always should do. Successful Facebook ad optimization always takes a lot of testing

Are there other ways to make the ad even more effective?

Qwaya gives you many options to segment the population and reach the right demographics based on geography, gender, interests and many other parameters.

To make sure you reach the right people, the best option is to make multiple ads and test them against each other. Very few know exactly where there buyers are and several ads give the perfect opportunity to find them.

2. Optimize Your Ads – Tell the Right Story

Finding your audience isn’t everything.

Once you’ve tracked down your potential buyers you have to present an appealing, clickable story.

Think about it: How many ads and commercials are you bombarded with every day in magazines, newspapers, on TV and on the Web? How many of these do you think lead to a purchase?

It’s in this buzz you need to make your ads stand out. Getting it to the right demographics is one, highly important aspect, getting people to click and buy is equally important.

This is the frame you have to work within:

You need to make the most out of the title, body text and image.

To become successful in Facebook marketing you need to test multiple types of ads with different content.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

You can spend a lot of time changing, tweaking and testing your ads and often this is time well spent.

What preforms well depends on your product and your targeted demographics – what works for one product may not work for the next – but there are some basic guidelines that are good to follow.


  • Use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Use an image that represents your product and draws attention.
  • Tell the truth (in the end you don’t want just the click, you want the buy).


  • Capitalize all letters or have all in lower case.
  • Use too generic stock photos; a personal touch often works better.

Try To:

  • Have a “call to action” in the text.
  • Have a question or speak to the visitors’ emotions if a clear “call to action” doesn’t work.
  • Look at your competitors and try to stand out.

In the Qwaya tool, you’re able to test different titles, body texts and images and use these towards different demographics.

Once you have accumulated some data you will have a picture of what works and you can start optimizing your Facebook marketing strategy and refine your best ads.

Simply delete ads that are performing poorly and move the budget to the higher-converting ones.

If you follow these Facebook marketing strategies, you will generate better results over time. With Qwaya it’s easy to create multiple ads and run them against each other. Check out our pricing plans

3. Scheduling Your Campaigns

A well-known Facebook marketing fact is that your ads well show different results based on day of the week you are running them. The biggest difference is normally between weekdays and weekends.

However, the time period of the day the ads are shown also has a big impact on the performance.

Not All Hours Are the Same

Depending on what kind of campaign you are running, a good Facebook marketing tip is that you investigate and test to run your ads on different days and on different times of the day to identify when they are most profitable.

With Qwaya, you can use the campaign-scheduling feature to set up on what days and on what hour of the day you want your ads to be shown. We even let you set the hour down to 15 minutes accuracy of the day you want to schedule your campaigns.

Scheduling your ads as part of your Facebook marketing strategy will increase your performance.

4. Managing Your Budget Wisely

Facebook officially tells advertisers not to optimize their ads with the max bid to set the amount of clicks that you will buy per day. The official statement is that the max bid price should always be what you are really able to spend per click.

Instead you should optimize with the daily budget per campaign.

Of course Facebook wants you to spend as much money as possible per click, so this Facebook marketing strategy for optimization should be studied carefully before you follow it blindly.

In any case, we have found that it is risky to lower the max bid too much since you might lose all bidding with a too low max bid price.

Bid Size Affect Click-Through Rate

Furthermore, the quality of clicks is affected by who see your ads. People who spend a lot of time every day on Facebook generate a lot of impressions to Facebook, and consequently these users are less receptive to your ads since they see a lot of ads all the time.

These users will be classified with low quality.

If you have a low max bid, Facebook will choose to show your ads to these people, affecting your CTR negatively. This will then affect your quality score negatively and you might lose even more bids.

A good Facebook marketing tip is therefore to test different max bid sizes and monitor how this is affecting your CTR. In the end a low CTR might cause you to lose bids.

At the same time perhaps you can achieve the same CTR with a lower max bid than the one suggested from Facebook.

For more info about bidding and costs, read Facebook Advertising Costs.

5. Use Conversion Tracking to See Results of Ads

Like any other kind of marketing, advertising on Facebook should be measured with ROI. That’s why you need the results from each individual ad.

Normally Facebook won’t show you what ad generated what sale.

The solution for this is to work with a conversion tracking service that tracks every unique ad you create and register every sale.

We have enabled the conversion tracking solution offered from Google Analytics. This means you’re able to monitor exactly what ad generated what sale as part of your normal daily operation.

This should be a standard procedure in all serious Facebook marketing strategies.

In Qwaya you can measure the performance of every single ad.

To Sum It Up

We can’t give you a clear answer of exactly what you should write in your add or what image you should include. Neither can we say what demographics you should approach, when you should show your ads during the day or what your max bid should be.

The answer to that comes from testing and tweaking.

What we can do, however, is provide you with a tool that makes your job a lot easier.

With Qwaya you can test your ads with different content aimed towards different part of the population and you will instantly get an answer on how your ads preform.

When you try different approaches, your work will eventually lead you to your best-preforming Facebook marketing.

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