Adverr - Case Study

Adverr is a thriving digital marketing agency based in Denmark. Primarily focused on Facebook and Instagram advertising, Adverr strives to deliver the best possible performance for their customers campaigns.


Adverr were looking for a way to make the creation of campaigns and creatives easier. They spent a lot of time duplicating multiple campaigns and updating images and headlines. Adverr needed a solution to save time during the creation process and obtain an overview of KPIs for each of their customers. Finding a way to create a large number of ads which they could easily split test by audience and creative was key to saving time and increasing efficiency.


Adverr uses Qwaya to create a large number of ad sets and creatives with ease, in order to find the best performing audience for their customers. While testing multiple audiences, Adverr uses Qwaya’s campaign management feature in order to add an extra level of campaign structure.


Time-saving aside, Adverr has improved the ROI of their Facebook ads for their customers. Qwaya’s Ad Rotation feature has assisted Adverr in making their split testing easier and enabled them to find the best performing ads quickly and efficiently.

“Due to Qwaya we have had the tools to perform better for our customers, which has giving us the opportunity to use larger budgets and expand our revenue from Facebook ads. I would recommend Qwaya to everyone who is working with Facebook ads and want to get the best results from what they spend.” — Martin Molt Ipsen, Head of Facebook Marketing at Adverr


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