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Here is the perfect Facebook post [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thursday, April 25, 2013 Sven Hamberg

Creating purposeful and effective marketing messages is both art and science, and anyone who's worked with it professionally knows it's not an easy task.

The part that is art demands a gut feeling for what works and is something that can be learned over time by gaining experience.

The part that is science on the other hand can by its nature be formalised. This is precisely what Salesforce did last year on the topic of Facebook posts, and the recommendations are still relevant.

Although knowing only how to engineer a good update won't be sufficient for creating business value, it definitely helps. By having some tried and true guidelines to follow when composing your message, you can focus your efforts on nailing the art of it.

Hope this blueprint can be of value, and don't hesitate to share it if you find it useful!

See also our own infographic on this topic: the Page post ads checklist

Read the original article on the Salesforce blog

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