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5 ways to sell more with Facebook Multi Product Ads

Thursday, December 4, 2014 Per Made

What is Facebook Multi Product Ads and how can they be used for direct response marketing?

As Facebook continues to gain popularity among direct response marketers, an area where rival Google reigns, we were not surprised to see an ad format somewhat similar to Google's popular Product Listing Ads where advertisers can showcase several items within the same ad. The idea is that multiple baits on the same hook will catch more fish than a single one and thus produce a better ROI for marketers.

With Facebook multi product ads you can include three items, say sun glasses, swimsuit and straw hat, in one “carousel” ad. Each item with its own title, description and destination link. So now marketers can display a richer format into the Facebook news Feed, unsurprisingly the company says it makes wonders to both CTRs and CPAs for advertisers that tried it.

In this post I will cover ideas quite specific for e-commerce direct response marketers but that's not to say multi product ads can’t be effective in other scenarios (which might be subject to another post). I also refer to Website Custom Audiences a lot and I recommend this article for in depth info about that.

You might think that a full fledged product feed solution with dynamic ads is the only viable way to do this, and yeah it might be better but if you're not already set up with such a solution - don't let perfect be the enemy of good! And in my experience a reasonable amount of human touch to complement technology often brings the best results, especially in advertising. So dig in and get ONE ad carousel spinning, see what happens and take it from there.

1. Retarget website visitors with products similar to what they have shown interest in

The most obvious way, and the use case Facebook's product team had top of mind when creating this feature, is to target visitors who didn’t make a purchase and display products similar to what they showed interest in. This is accomplished by using the website Custom Audience defined by a product page they browsed. Pick three items similar to that product, put them in the ad and you're ready to go.

2. Retarget website visitors with categories similar to what they showed interest in

A tactic closely related to #1 above is to target people who visited a certain category page without clicking a specific product. This is accomplished by using the website Custom Audience defined by a product category page they browsed. Pick three items from that category that you think makes sense and spin the wheel.

3. Retarget abandoned carts

This is a much used tactic to bring back people who came really close to buying something from you but for some reason ended up not doing so. Here the ideal is to advertise the products left in the cart but if you have many products that would require a complex set up with lots of specific ads for all possible cases. Instead you can try to advertise three of your most popular items in one ad (because they’re the most likely to convert) and spice it up with free shipping and a time limit to add urgency to the mix.

4. Showcase your best selling products

Same set of product items as in #3 but targeted to an audience who didn't visit your site before and for that reason can not be retargeted with Website Custom Audiences. Use your target audiences or lookalikes that has been proven to work before and find out if this approach will improve results.

5. Showcase your best selling products tailored for each of your Buyer Personas

If you’re using Buyer Persona tactics to distinguish the people types within your target market you can create a carousel tailored for each one and simply reuse the target audience you already have in place for those personas. Showing three items they are charmed by instead of one might make all the difference. There's only one way to find out...

I hope you got anything useful out of these ideas and that you at least were motivated enough to try MPAs for your business. I'd love to hear about your experience and ideas and bring some real data to the story, so please share in the comments below!

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