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5 ways of using Facebook Custom Audiences

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Per Made

The vast reach, easy access and granular targeting abilities on Facebook are widely known and irresistible qualities to any marketer. A bit less known, at least outside the group of hard core Facebook ads optimizers, is the possibility to target customer segments based on CRM data.

Facebook’s name for this targeting method is Custom Audiences. The idea is that you extract profile data from your CRM-system, encrypt it, upload it to Facebook and voilà, there’s your Custom Audience right there. What happens in the background is a process where Facebook takes your encrypted data and matches it with their own user data to create an audience with those actual people (who matched) in it.

Since this is still a somewhat underutilized feature I thought I’d share some ideas on how to use this clever way of targeting:

1. Frequent shoppers

Select all customers who are shopping (or are doing whatever you regard as a conversion or preferred action) more than x times a month. Advertise a special frequent shopper deal to them.

2. Customers slipping away

Select customers who used to buy from you at a certain frequency but have been inactive for an abnormal (based on previous pattern) period of time. Advertise a tasty deal that will reactivate them.

3. Customers with a special taste

Select customers who bought... let’s say dog food. Advertise product/offering you know is also relevant to them - e.g., new cool dog leashes.

4. Customers not using your awesome mobile app

Select customers who are your desktop customers but didn’t yet download or activate the mobile app. Advertise the app bundled with a special deal for new app users, ideally using mobile app install ads.

5. Local Customers

Select customers in a certain city or region. Advertise locally adapted product offerings.

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