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4 common mistakes for Facebook advertisers

Thursday, August 27, 2015 Ross Barrett

We often get many questions like; Why don’t my ads get any impressions? I started a new ad set two days ago, but it's not spending the entire daily budget, what’s wrong?

The first two things we look at when answering these kind of questions are ad set budget and bids. You have to make sure your ad set budget isn’t too low. Facebook has a hard time giving your ads impressions if your ad set budget is too low.

If you’re not spending your entire daily budget, look at your bids to ensure they’re high enough.

If the above seems to be alright but you’re still not getting enough impressions, there are four other common mistakes that will affect the delivery of your ads. In this post we’ll go through these mistakes and I’ll give you some tips on how to avoid them.

Inappropriate bidding for your Ad type

To get a good ad delivery, it’s important to chose a bid type that best suits your ad type and objective.

When creating Link post ads, Facebook recommends oCPM for your Facebook Pixel or Actions (Link clicks). When you create Mobile App Install ads they recommend CPA Mobile App installs.

You can learn more about what combination of ad type and bid type to use for your advertising in our user guide.

The target audience is too small

Sometimes your target group might be too small for Facebook to give your ads enough impressions. Using a target audience with less than 4000 people often cause delivery issues.

If you have small target audiences that you want to use, like a narrow targeted Custom Audience, Facebook recommends that you use the bid type CPM or oCPM for Daily Unique Reach. Facebook will then try to give you as many impressions and reach as many people as possible within your audience segment.

If you’re using bid type oCPM Facebook Pixel or Action with a small target audience, Facebook will have a hard time finding people that are most likely to perform your desired action. There is also a risk that you'll end up with very few or no conversions.

Say your average conversion rate is 2% and your average CTR is 0.5%. This means 1 out of 10,000 people will convert. With an audience of 100,000 you’d only be looking at 10 conversions in total. If you use bid type oCPM for Facebook pixel, Facebook recommends using a large target audience above 350,000.

Overlapping targeting audiences

Facebook has a limit on how many times ads from the same advertiser (for News feed ads, the advertiser is the Facebook page) can be shown to the same person each day.

If you have several ad sets targeting the same audience they will compete in the same auctions and thus cannibalising the delivery of your ad sets. This means that only ads from one of your ad sets can be shown that day, so the delivery on the other ad set will drop.

To avoid this, make sure you diversify your targeting and don't run multiple ad sets that target the same audience. If your goal is to acquire new customers, you could also use a Custom Audience to exclude your existing customers from the campaign and avoid overlapping the audience.

Creative fatigue

Many advertisers see their CTR dropping after a couple of days. This is often caused by creative fatigue, meaning that the audience has grown tired of seeing the same ad and therefore won’t click on it.

To avoid this, make sure to update the ad set with fresh ad creatives. The most important part of the creative is the image, therefore changing the image is usually what makes the biggest difference.

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