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Overview of the My Campaigns View

In the section ‘My Campaigns’ you will get a quick overview of the status of your campaigns and ad sets as well as changing some of the basic settings.

MyCampaignsOverview Dec2014

1. In the left hand sidebar you will see your campaigns.
2. When you select a campaign in the left hand sidebar the ad sets in the campaign will appear in the Ad sets view.
3. If you click on the ‘Ads’ tab you will see the ads and get reports on an ad level.

In this article we will go through:

1. The left hand sidebar

All your published campaigns will be listed in the left hand sidebar.

You can select to view active campaign or all campaigns. If you select Active campaigns you will see your campaigns with active or automated ad sets. If you select to show All campaigns you will see all your campaigns regardless of the status of the ad sets.

MyCampaignsActive:AllCampaigns Dec2014

Once you select the check box next to the campaign name the ad sets in the campaign will be displayed in the Ads sets pane. You can also see if the ad set is paused or activated thanks to the icons next to the name.
SeeAdSets for Campaigns Dec 2014

2. How to work with campaign folders

With Qwaya you can save and organise your campaigns in different folders to create a better structure in your account. The campaigns and folders are dynamic which allows you to move the campaigns by dragging and dropping them where you want them at your convenience. You can also move multiple campaigns at the same time.

1. Click on ‘New folder’ in the bottom of the left hand sidebar.

Work with Folders New Folder April 2014

2. Name your folder

New Campaign Folder Name April 2014

3. Select the campaign you want to move.

Work with folders Forst campaign April 2014

4. If you want to select multiple campaigns press down shift on your keyboard and click on another campaign. You will now select all the campaigns in between.

Work with Folders Select last campaign April 2014

5. Drag and drop the campaigns into your new folder

Work with folders Bulk Move April 2014

When you want to see the ad sets for a certain campaign simply select the campaign within the folder and the ad sets will be listed in the main campaign view. You can also select the check box next to a folder to view all campaigns and their ad sets in the folder at once.

3. How to activate, pause and delete campaigns and ad sets

To activate or pause a campaign, select the campaign and click on the play or pause icons in the top of the My Campaigns view. When you pause or activate a campaign all the ad sets and ads belonging to the campaign will be paused/activated as well.

You can activate, pause and delete campaigns from the left hand sidebar. Simply select multiple campaigns and click Play, Pause or Delete.

Activate:Pause:deleted Campaigns dec2104

When you delete folders or campaigns, make sure to check that you are deleting the correct content. When you click delete you will be prompted with a warning window describing which folder or campaign you are trying to delete.

To activate, pause or delete an ad set, select the ad set and click on the play, pause or delete icons.
Please note: If you have set up Scheduling, Rules or Ad Rotation on your campaign you first need to disable the automation before you can manually pause or play the campaign.


4. Canned reports

In the Statistics drop down menu you can select between different canned reports.

  • Basic
  • Social
  • Goals
  • Transactions
  • Orders
  • Social
  • My custom

Ad sets Canned Reports April 2014

5. Filter Ad sets based on Status

You can filter Ad sets based on their status. In this way you can select to only view Active, Paused, Completed or Automated Ad sets.
Filter Ad sets Dec2014

6. Add/remove columns

In “Columns” you are able to select what columns you want to display in the Ad sets pane.

The more columns you choose the more information you will get.

Ad sets Columns April 2014

Make sure you are not missing vital information. Always check what columns you have enabled and add more at your convenience.

7. Date range

You can specify what date ranges you want for your status reports for the chosen ad sets. Lifetime date range will give you the stats from the very first day you published your Ad set. You can also chose a date range in the past (custom) or simply set it to yesterday or today to get a quick overview.

Ad Sets Time Frame April 2014

At the bottom of the window you can see the aggregated results of all the campaigns you have selected.

8. Import campaigns and ad sets from Facebook

You can import your campaigns and ad sets from Facebook to Qwaya. Click on “Refresh – Ads and campaigns”  in the upper right corner. If you haven’t done this in a while it can take several minutes.

To see your paused campaigns and ad sets please make sure you have selected “All campaigns” in the left hand sidebar.

Ad sets Refresh Ads & Campaigns April 2014

9. Refresh statistics

We pull statistics for your campaigns and ads via the Facebook Ads API. This means the data you see in the Facebook Ad Manager and in Qwaya might differ slightly at times. Sometimes Qwaya will show the data before the Ad Manager, and sometimes it will be the other way around.

To ensure you have the latest statistics for your ads, please follow these instructions:

  1. Select the campaigns you want to see statistics for in the left hand sidebar
  2. Set your desired date range
  3. Hit the “Refresh” button in the top right corner and select “Stats for visible ads and campaigns”
  4. Wait for the stats to update, if you have chosen many campaigns and ads this might take a few minutes

If you’ve done this and still don’t think your statistics are up to date, please try refreshing your browser.

Refresh Stats April 2014

10. Look at ads for only one Ad set

If you have multiple ad sets in one campaign you can look at the ads for one of the ad sets by selecting the ad set and click on the Ads tab.


In the Ads view you can also see what ads belong to what ad set. Please navigate to the Ads view. Click on the Group by drop down and select to group by Ad set and Ad set name.

Group By Ad set April 2014

Click on the ad set name in order to expand the group and see the ads in the ad set.

Group by ad set Show detail APril 2014

You can bulk select ads by using shift on your keyboard.

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