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Facebook’s new ad campaign structure

On March 4th, Facebook will begin rolling out a new campaign structure across all client-facing ad interfaces (including the Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager, Power Editor, and the ads API) and third-party client-facing ad interfaces built by PMDs, FBX partners and mobile measurement partners.

With this change, Facebook will introduce a third level to the campaign structure to make it easier for you to organize, optimize and measure the performance of your advertising with Facebook.

Facebook’s current structure has two levels: campaigns and ads; the updated structure will provide three levels: campaigns, ad sets and ads.


To prepare for this global rollout, please review this presentation to enable you and your teams to become familiar with the new campaign structure and to begin planning appropriately for the change.

Please note that when the new structure is rolled out to your ad account, all campaigns will be based on the new structure. You will see the same number of campaigns you had before, except they will each contain an ad set with the same ads they had before.

This migration will not affect the delivery, spend or performance of ads in your existing campaigns. For reference, please see slides 7-9 in the above referenced presentation.

Changes to Qwaya

When your ad account is migrated you will see some changes in the Publish Ads tab and in the My Campaigns tab. In our User Guide you can find more information about the changes to the campaign set up window in the ad creation process and the campaign overview tab in My Campaigns.

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