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Facebook conversion tracking

Facebook has a simple pixel tracking solution where you generate a pixel and paste it on your “Thank you” page or wherever you want the pixel to fire.

You create the pixel in the Facebook ads manager, and you can learn how in the Facebook help center.

When generation the pixel code, you will give it a name and label it with any of Facebook’s predefined labels (checkout, registration, etc).

Create your ads with the Facebook pixel in Qwaya

1. Create your ad creatives or select an existing ad creative template in the ‘Create Ads’ tab.

2. Go to ‘Set targeting’. Create a new targeting or use an existing targeting template.

3. Go to ‘Publish Ads’ and click on ‘Generate X ads’. The campaign settings pop-up will open. In the Tracking Settings tab you will be able to select what pixel you want to use for your campaign. You are able to select multiple pixels for the same campaign.


4. Click ‘Generate X ads’ in order to review your ads.

5. Click ‘Publish X ads’ in order to publish your ads to Facebook.

See the Facebook conversion data in Qwaya

1. Go to ‘My campaigns’.

2. Select your campaign in the left hand sidebar.

3. Go to ‘Columns’ and ‘Facebook conversions’. Here you can select between all the different Facebook conversions.



Add or change Facebook pixel

1. Navigate to ‘My Campaigns’ and select to the ‘Ads’ view.

2. Select the ads you want to add the Facebook pixel on.

3. Click on ‘Tracking’ in the bottom toolbar and select the pixel you want to use.

4. Click on ‘Update’ to send the changes to Facebook.



Qwaya reports conversions in conversion time

Facebook has two ways of attributing a conversion to a given date:

  1. Conversion time – This is the time the pixel fired, meaning the time the actual conversion took place.
  2. Impression time – This is the time the ad was shown, which is not necessarily the same date the conversion took place.


Your ad is shown to a person the 10th a given month. The person clicks your ad and comes to your website, however s/he does not convert at this time. Five days later, on the 15th, s/he visits your website again and this time s/he converts.

In this case the impression time for the conversion will be the 10th, while the conversion time will be the 15th. This means that depending on if you’re looking at conversions in conversion time or impression time you’ll either have the conversion show in the stats for the 10th or for the 15th.

In Facebook’s reporting interfaces conversions are shown in impression time, which means that for each date you will see how many ads were shown that date that later lead to a conversion.

In Qwaya however conversions are shown in conversion time, which means that for each date you’ll see how many conversions took place that date as a result of someone interacting with your ad, although the actual ad click could have happened at a prior date.

This means you might see slight discrepancies when looking at conversions for short periods of time.

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