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Edit Ad sets

You can edit one Ad set at a time or multiple Ad sets depending on the number of Ad sets you select in the main window.

When you select one or multiple Ad sets the bottom toolbar will be visible. Click on ‘Name, Time & Budget’ to start edit your Ad sets.

EditAdSets May2014


You can edit these four values:

1. Ad set name

Simply edit the Ad set name and click Update to send the changes to Facebook.

If you have selected multiple Ad sets with different Ad set names it will say >varies< in the Ad set name field. You will edit the names for all the Ad sets you have selected when you click Update.

2. Start Time

You will not be able to edit the start time for the Ad set if it already has happened.

If the Ad set has not yet started simply type in your preferred start date or click on the small calendar. A calendar will appear to help you select the new start date. Select the date of today or a date in the future.

Once you are done press ‘Update’ to send the changes to Facebook.

3. End Time

If you wish to select a specific end time for your Ad set, click on ‘Specific’ and select your end date.

4. Budget

Lifetime budget
If you have a specific end date your are able to change from daily budget to lifetime budget. Please note that if you change from Daily to Lifetime budget your budget will “start over”, meaning if the Ad set already spent $100 and you change to a Lifetime budget of $1000, the total spending at the end of the Ad set lifetime will be $100 + $1000 = $1100.

Daily budget
If you don’t have a specific end date you are only able to change the daily budget. Simply type in the new value and click on ‘Update’.

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