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Connect your Facebook account

In order to use Qwaya you need to connect your Facebook user account. Please remember to connect the Facebook user account that is an admin or a general user of the ad accounts, pages and applications that you want to manage and create ads for in Qwaya.

1. Click on ‘Connect Facebook account’.



2. You will be redirected to Facebook and asked to login. Login with the Facebook account you use for your advertising.



3. You need to approve Qwaya and allow us to manage your advertising and your pages as well as posting on your behalf. We need these permission in order to publish the ads and posts that your create to Facebook and download the statistics.



4. You will now be redirected to the dashboard where you will see your Facebook user account and the ad accounts connected to this account.



5. If you click on Settings and Facebook connections you can see all the Facebook accounts and all the Facebook entities (pages, places, applications and events) connected to your Qwaya account. If you are on our Premium or Business plan you can also connect multiple Facebook user accounts. Simply click on ‘+ Connect’.




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