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Optimization goals and Billing Events

Facebook are making changes to the platform and are simplifying how the optimization and bidding works. Instead of selecting CPC, CPM, Optimized CPM or CPA, you will set an Optimization goal and a billing event for your Ad set. You can also set a manual bid or let Facebook bid for you.

Depending on what ad type you’re creating, you can select between different optimization goals and billing events. If you create a Link ad you could for example select Optimization goal Offsite conversion, pay for each link click and let Facebook bid for you.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.59.07

Optimization goal

It used to be unclear what Facebook would optimize for, but now you can select an optimization goal for your ad set. You’ll be able to select between different optimization goals depending on what ad type you are creating.

Ad types and optimization goals:

Please note that selecting certain optimization goals will now set an objective for your campaign.

Billing event

The billing event decides how you pay for traffic. Your options in this section will change depending on your optimization goal. You can select between Clicks, Impressions, Page Likes and App installs.

Max bid

You can either set Custom max bid or Automatic. If you decide to choose Automatic, Facebook will adjust the bids to try and give you as many optimization goals as possible based on your budget.

Editing ad sets

We are currently in the process of changing the edit ad set section to reflect the changes we have made to the bid types. At present this section displays the old bid types/max bid and you will still be able to edit new and existing ads in the same way.

In the table below you can find the equivalent to the earlier bid types

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 16.28.19


Q: I previously selected CPC, what should I use now?

A: When you selected CPC, Facebook charged you for every click irrespective of your objective or ad type, for example if you created a Link ad and selected CPC, you would have been charged for every click on the ad, not only clicks on the Link. With the new way of bidding you will only be charge for the actions that actually make sense for your objective and ad types. If you used to create Link ads and use CPC, the best new combination is to Optimize for Website link clicks and pay per Link click.

Q: I used the old CPC bid type with a custom bid of $0.5, I now select Optimize for Website link clicks and pay per Link click with the same max bid, but my ad set doesn’t get any impressions?

A:  You used to pay for every click, it could be a click on the like button, the link to your Facebook page or a link click. With the new bidding method you are only paying per Link click, so there’s a risk that the price for a link click is higher than the price for a click. I would therefore recommend you increase your max bid to start getting impressions.


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