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Targeting and ad templates

Lets you save your work and
makes it easy to reuse.

Google analytics integration

Plug n play integration with Google Analytics.
View conversions attributed to your
ads and campaigns in Qwaya.

Ad scheduler

Schedule campaigns to run a certain
time of day and/or week.

Campaign organizer

Drag and drop campaigns into folders
for a structured overview.

Free training session

All our plans include a free training webinar.
No worries, we'll show you the ropes!

Ad and campaign rules

Define performance based rules
to pause your campaigns.

Excel export

Export data to be crunched outside Qwaya.
Choose between xlsx or csv.

Qwaya tracking

Use our proprietary pixel tracking
if you need something else than
Google Analytics or Facebook's tracking.

Ad rotation

Auto rotation of ads lets you decide
what ad variation should run
before Facebook does.

Frequently asked questions

How is Qwaya better compared to the Facebook Power Editor and Ad manager?

The Qwaya Facebook ads tool comes with a lot of functionality that the Power Editor lacks. Some of our most appreciated features are the following:

  • Organization: Folders
  • Easy ad creation: Templates & Auto split targeting
  • Google Analytics
  • Automation: Scheduling, Rules, Ad rotation

For a more in depth walkthrough of our features, please take our tour.

Do I pay for my ads to Qwaya or Facebook?

Facebook. Qwaya helps you create and manage your Facebook ads, but you will need a valid funding source for your Facebook Ad account to publish ads via Qwaya.