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Benefits you won't find
in the Power Editor

Set and forget

Automatically pause campaigns
based on rules

Save a ton of time

Use templates to save ads and targeting
you create to reuse them later

Get the full picture

Auto tag ads with the URL builder
(yes, dynamic values if you want)

Flexibility and control

Google Analytics conversions in the tool
alongside FB conversion

Scott Krager @scottkrager

"Qwaya Dang your software is awesome. Haven't used it for a year, and it's gotten even better than I remember"

Jay Deiboldt @jaydeiboldt

"If you run FB ads and you're not using Qwaya you're doing it wrong."

Carl Sednaoui @CarlSednaoui

"Running Facebook ads? You need to use Qwaya. Hands down best tool/customer support"

Everything in one place

Connect everything from Facebook

Collect all your Facebook assets in Qwaya by connecting multiple Facebook user accounts. All your ad accounts, Pages, Apps and Events in one place.

Google analytics plug ’n play

Use your goals from Google Analytics to track campaign and ad performance on any KPI - Goals, Conversions, Transactions, Revenue. You choose.

No tech skills needed. Simply add your Google Analytics credentials to Qwaya and you're all set. Great way of comparing Facebook campaign performance to other channels.

Easy ad creation

A/B test multiple Facebook audience segments

Find your audience sweet spot by auto splitting targeting in granular segments and get a side by side comparison. You can split your audience in multiple segments based on any targeting criteria.

A/B test multiple ad variations

Find out which combination of text and image make up the best performing ad, and save lots of time by generating all possible ad variations of in one go. Qwaya gives you the ability to test all sorts of ad types and placements, including News feed ads for your website and Mobile app install ads.

Efficient campaign management

Qwaya is built by people with real experience from digital advertising and our mission is to refine that experience into the most powerful yet intuitive Facebook ads tool available. It should be no surprise that the productivity enhancing aspects of Qwaya are highly valued by our customers - especially by those accustomed to the Facebook ad manager and Power Editor.

Optimize your Facebook advertising workflow with templates

Save ads and target audiences in templates to streamline your workflow. This way you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again.

Structure your work in Folders

Place campaigns and templates in dedicated folders to get a structured overview. Saves a lot of time when you need to keep campaigns separated for different markets or product categories etc - or just want to keep the clutter away to focus on one Facebook ads campaign at time.

Graphical reporting

Get a quick overview of your campaign performance and spot trends early to optimize return. Easily drill down from campaign to ad level graphs to identify winning and losing marketing message and target audience combinations.

Powerful automation

Run at specific times with dayparting

Increase ROI by scheduling your campaigns to run on certain days of week or time of day. Run your ads when your campaigns are most likely to generate the response you’re looking for.

Automatically pause ad spend with rules

Set rules for your campaigns to stop if certain criterias are met. For example: Pause the campaign if CPC exceeds $1.

Keep your campaigns alive with ad rotation

Make sure your best performing ads are played (These are not necessarily the ones chosen by FB’s algorithm) by rotating the variations you specify. Let Qwaya work when you don’t.

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